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Cheryl Joyner-Clark

CJC Productions

Writer, Actor, Director & Producer


Cheryl Joyner-Clark is a native of Memphis, TN whose love for writing began when she was a very young girl.   She had dreams of one day being a writer and chose to turn that vision into reality. In 1999 Cheryl wrote, acted and directed her first Stage Play entitled, 'He Has Given Us New Life.'  Her energy and passion for writing came to life even more as she saw that working hard, she could do this! It fueled her passion to go and go again by starting her own theater company.  CJC Productions provides wholesome entertainment by taking real life scenarios and adding a little comedy.


Cheryl desires to see people laugh, bring them joy and hopefully healing by seeing her work. "She understands that in life situations are difficult but she believes that laughter is like a medicine. It is her desire that people see Jesus Christ' (CJC) in her  work and in the end realize that there is hope!" 

Cheryl is also the author of the novel, 'No More Sunday Mornings'. Her many other accomplishments and works include, 'Tell Hell I Ain’t Coming' and 'God Is Calling. What Will You Say',  'In the Absence of My Father' and Too Much, Too Little Too Late.

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